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Molinari and Political Parties as “Actual Armies”

January 10, 2010

The laissez-faire liberal economist Gustave de Molinari (1819-1912)  compared political parties to “armies” whose sole aim is to win office, plunder, distribute spoils and jobs, all at the expense of taxpayers in his treatise entitled The Society of Tomorrow. In the very next paragraph he spoke of the so-called power of the press and proclaimed it impotent:

These associations, or political parties, are actual armies which have been trained to pursue power; their immediate objective is to so increase the number of their adherents as to control an electoral majority. Influential electors are for this purpose promised such or such share in the profits which will follow success, but such promises—generally place or privilege—are redeemable only by a multiplication of “places,” which involves a corresponding increase of national enterprises, whether of war or of peace. It is nothing to a politician that the result is increased charges and heavier drains on the vital energy of the people. The unceasing competition under which they labour, first in their efforts to secure office, and next to maintain their position, compels them to make party interest their sole care, and they are in no position to consider whether this personal and immediate interest is in harmony with the general and permanent good of the nation… (more…)