YouTube on the Political Economy of Liberty


Moving away from pulp and into the digital age:

1. The Philosophy of Liberty – Ken Schoolland (2006)

2. The Sunset of the State – Stefan Molyneux (2010)

3. Pirates & Emperors – Schoolhouse Rock (2006)

4. Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve – Mises Institute (1996)

5. Who Really Controls America – George Carlin (2008)

6. The Story of Your Enslavement – Stefan Molyneux (2010)

7. “Fear the Boom and Bust – A Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem” – John Papola and Russ Roberts (2010)

8. The Future of Austrian Economics – Murray Rothbard (1990)

9. The Errors of Classical Liberalism and the Idea of a Private Law Society – Hans Hoppe (2008)

10. How To Advance Liberty – Leonard Reed (1978)


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