Not a Duck Hunting Trip in 1910 or 2010


The Mises Institute presents some of the finest minds in economics at Jekyll Island:

Robert Murphy “Only the Austrians Can Explain Depressions”

Christopher Westley “Why the Fed Got Birthed

Peter G. Klein “Did Keynesian Economics Win the Battle of Ideas?”

Douglas E. French “Failure and Prosperity

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. “Parallel Lives: Liberty or Power?

Joseph Salerno “The Macroeconomics of the Fed: Mainstream and Austrian

Mark Thornton “What Were They Saying in July 2007?

George Selgin “The Fed’s Dismal Record

Gary North “Heckle and Jekyll: How Murray Rothbard Got the Fed’s Story Right

Thomas Woods “The Source and Workings of the Latest Crisis

Ron Paul “My Battle Against the Fed


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